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June 1908

Wilbur Wright choose Le Mans (Sarthe - France)

"As soon as he arrived, Wilbur set about finding a field where he could conduct his flight demonstrations. On June 8, after looking over several locations, he went along with the proposal of the automaker and president of the Aero-Club of the Sarthe, Leon Bollée, who put his work-shops and a hangar at his disposal."

Claude Carlier
Professor, Sorbonne University, Paris
Director of the Center for
Aeronautics and Space History

"[Hart 0] Berg and I went down to Le Mans at the invitation of M. Léon Bollée to inspect some grounds. M. Bollée met us and took us about in his automobile to see several places of which the racecourse and the military field were the most desirable.
He was very kind, and offered us the conveniences of his factory and a big room to assemble the machine in if we chose. We will probably locate here."

Wilbur Wright Diary T, june 8, 1908

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